Born out of a desire to create an ecosystem where anyone can learn how to start and succeed with a Luxury Resale Business, Quentin Caruana and Deanna Thompson decided to align with industry professionals to launch Marque Mentor.

Deanna Thompson


Deanna Thompson is the author of The Beginners Guide to Luxury Handbags and the creator of Closet Full of Cash, the first and only blog dedicated to the luxury resale industry. Deanna speaks nationally at conferences on authentication and how to get into this industry. Deanna previously owned two successful luxury resale businesses and got her start as a trading assistant on eBay years ago. Her passion for education within the resale industry is what drives her and is currently the Head of Strategic Operations at Marque Luxury.

Quentin Caruana


Quentin Caruana is the Founder and President of Marque Luxury. He oversees the global operations and manages wholesale partner relationships and the international procurement functions for the company. Prior to founding Marque, Quentin has run several companies in the Designer Resale and Finance businesses and was the CEO of a mortgage banking company which grossed over $100 Million in annual revenue with over 600 employees. Quentin earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from California State University, Long Beach in Real Estate, Finance and Investments and Quantitative Methods.


Our team of advisors consists of business leaders and industry experts with multifaceted experience in the luxury resale and wholesale world. As a Marque Mentor member, you'll gain priceless insight from these advisors through their online content, webinars, office hours via Zoom, and messages through forums on the PLP. In this current world of hyper competition, such direct and diverse access provides you greater opportunity to succeed.

Angel Torres



Beth Anundi


Capital Pawn

Chase Vance



Christos Garkinos

Covet by Christos

Covet by Christos

Cynthia Houlton

Armoire Style

Armoire Style

Dale Barnes


Coach Counterfeits

Graham Wetzbarger


Luxury Appraisals & Authentication

Julian Lopez


SF Gold Buyer

Larkie Dam

The Chanel Diaries

The Chanel Diaries

Louie Castro


Swish New York

Max Lightman


Linda's Stuff

Micheal Mack


Max Pawn

Sicily Von Blakey




Our team of Ambassadors have been specifically selected by the management team as their passion for the resale business is aligned with the mission of the Mentor Program.

Becca Risa Luna


Coffee & Handbags

Samantha Birkenfeld


Bargain Hunting Blonde

To Be Announced